Motorcycle Shipping Rates

Part of the selection process when it comes to choosing a car shipping service will be comparing prices. However, many people make the mistake of getting a quick quote without having given all the necessary information. When getting a quote from a car service you have to include factors like the origin and destination, the date of departure, the make and model of your car and any special services you want. Make sure each company has input this information before you get a quote from them.

Regarding the time, the trucker usually calls a couple of hours ahead of time to notify you of his approximate arrival at your address. Special arrangement could be made upon request.

All alarm systems must be disconnected, disabled or turned off.

Possibly the most important thing to consider when shipping your car is the price. This amount will vary greatly depending on the shipping method, the distance that you are shipping your car and the type of vehicle that you are shipping. It is often a good idea to get several quotes from many different shipping companies.

The car transport company must know all the details about the car and where it is coming from and going to. They will need to know when you want the car shipped delivered and other information. If a car transporter promises you anything about transporting your car you should get it in writing. Everything that you can tell the car transport company about your expectations of shipping and your vehicle can make the shipping transit go smoother.

There are different shipping methods that customers can choose from when shipping cars. These include open (partial or full) and closed shipping. Each one has its own set of advantages and limitations depending on the type, model and number of vehicles that will be moved. Car owners should consider these options carefully and choose the one that fits their needs best. They should also discuss their requirements with the car moving company to determine the safest method to ship their vehicles.

Your auto transport company should provide you with an “original inspection report” at the time of pickup. When the vehicle is delivered be sure to inspect the vehicle before the driver leaves and note any discrepancies in the condition of the vehicle right on the “original inspection report” and have the driver sign it.

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